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How it Works

Deep Clean

First, To clean the maximum amount of dirt from the carpet while minimizing the potential damage to the floor coverings as much as possible & after that removal of dry dirt particles.

Keep Tidy

Carpets to be kept cleaned by implementing dry dirt removal, dry dirst suspension which adhered to the fibers that cannot be removed through vacuuming alone.


Last, Cleaned carpets to dry as quickly as possible after processing as if takes a long time to dry, and microbial growth can occur resulting in an odour.

Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services

We offer both commercial and residential carpet & Rug cleaning services in Brooklyn, NY.

Cleaning carpets is not only about removing stains and dirt, but also about restoring the carpet’s original appearance. A professional carpet cleaner should have the right equipment, experience, and training to clean any type of carpet. Professional cleaners use special tools and techniques to remove stubborn stains and deep-seated dirt.

We use a hot water extraction cleaning method for carpet cleaning services. This technique is often called “steam cleaning,” however we do not actually use steam to clean. This method allows us to safely remove dirt, stains, & odors, without leaving any residue behind. 

We specialize In...

Dirt removal

Rug Cleaning services

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